how to solve low-level graphics?

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ryunosuke tazawa
ryunosuke tazawa on 12 Nov 2021
I want to slove the error about low-level graphics.
Could you help me?
Theta_Theory = linspace(D2, D1, 10000);
Velocity_Theory = linspace(-100,0,10000);
[Theta_Theory, Velocity_Theory] = meshgrid(Theta_Theory, Velocity_Theory);
x1 = sin(Theta_Theory);
y1 = -cos(Theta_Theory);
T = sqrt(2*abs(y1)/9.8);
target = 10;
S_z = x1 + abs(Velocity_Theory.*cos(Theta_Theory)).*T.';
z = -abs(S_z -target);
h = pcolor(Theta_Theory, Velocity_Theory,z);
shading interp

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