Why does all added simscape multibody libraries disappear when I restart MATLAB?

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Hello everyone,
I'm working on a project and for that I have downloaded some additional libraries for simscape Multibody from GitHub, like this one here:
However the problem is, whenever I restart MATLAB, this library gets erased from simulink, which forces me to re-install it all over again everytime.
Isn't there a better way to permanently install this library so that MATLAB won't erase it whenever I close the software or something?
By the way, my version is MATLAB 2017a.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 16 Nov 2021
Hi Darth,
This library isn't being uninstalled. The library is part of a MATLAB Project, and that project closes when you shut down MATLAB.
If you want to have the core library always be available when you run MATLAB, you can do one of the following
1. Have your MATLAB startup file open Contact_Forces_Core.prj when you start MATLAB.
*** OR ***
2. Add these folders to your MATLAB path
  • CFL_Core/Libraries
  • CFL_Core/Libraries/Extrusions
  • CFL_Core/Libraries/Help
  • CFL_Core/Libraries/Help/html
  • CFL_Core/Libraries/Images
  • CFL_Core/Scripts_Data
  • CFL_Core/Test_Models
  • CFL_Core/

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