loading ECG signal and displaying it in time doman

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An ECG signal has been measured and provided to you as a .mat file. a) Load this file to MATLAB and sketch it in time domain. b) Find the sampling time (饾憞饾憼) and then sampling frequency (饾惞饾憼) used for this signal. c) Sketch the magnitude spectrum of this signal. d) Observe the time and frequency domain plots you sketched and use filtering techniques to reduce the bias and noise of the measured signal. You are allowed to use several filters, but do not have to. e) Add figures and specifications of the filter(s) you designed and used. f) Sketch the filtered signal in time and frequency domains.
matname = 'noisyECGMiniProject3.mat';
D = load(matname);
t = D.t';
Fs = D.Fs;
Ts = mean(diff(t));
Fsc = 1/Ts;
plot(t, EKG)
Reference to non-existent field 'EKG'.
Error in part1mini (line 3)
how do fix this

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Answers (1)

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 7 Dec 2021
It would appear your mat file does not contain a variable named EKG. The fix is to use the actual name of the variable, or be sure to include a variable with that name in the mat file. Run the following code to see what variables are in your mat file.
D = load('noisyECGMiniProject3.mat');

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