Original image size 769*770, I am geting error as dimension mismatch

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Original image size 769*770
if numberofcolorbands >1 org_im=org_im(:,:,2); end
figure(1); imshow(org_im);title('Original Image')
f=zeros(771,772); [m,n]=size(f); f(769,770)=size(org_im);
I am getting an error as,
Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch.
Error in sobelmaskspat_d (line 23) f(769,770)=size(org_im);
How to overcome this,
please help me.
Thank you

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Jan el 24 de Nov. de 2014
f(769,770) = size(org_im);
The right hand side replies a vector, but the left hand side is one element of a matrix, a scalar. We cannot guess what this line should do. So please explain this detail.
If you want to pad a matrix by zeros:
f = zeros(771,772);
f(2:770, 2:771) = org_im;

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Guillaume el 24 de Nov. de 2014
What are you trying to do with that line anyway?
size(org_im) is at least a 1x2 array, possibly a 1x3 array if you have colour channels. You're trying to store that array in the single element at (769, 770) of f. Since you can only put one value there, it's never going to work.
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Guillaume el 24 de Nov. de 2014
f = zeros(size(org_im) + 2); %no need to hardcode the size
f(2:end-1, 2:end-1) = org_im;
Or, if you have the image processing toolbox, use padarray
f = padarray(org_im, [1 1]);

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