Intel Xeon W-1290 for Matlab processing

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I read mixed comments about Intel Xeon for Matlab processing.
My new office is going to buy me a desktop with Intel Xeon W-1290 (10 core, 20M cache, base 3.2GHz) DDR4-2933. I want to gather all the facts right before I approve the purchase. Is the CPU good enough for Matlab for pre- and post-processing a 3-D simulation outputs (nc files), and perform a statistic calculation and machine learning?
On separate matter, I have a home matlab licence (perpetual) and my office will purchase a standalone perpetual licence for the new PC. Should I create a Matlab account separately, or can I just combine the two using my personal Matlab account?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 15 Feb 2022
That computer should be fine as long as you have at least 32 GB of RAM and SSDs.
If I were you I'd just use your office account. If they get you a professional, standalone license, you can install it on up to 4 computers simultaneously. You really would not need your personal home license anymore and it would simplify things to have just one account that you mainly deal with. You can still have the other home account but you can just ignore it for the most part.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 23 Feb 2022
Call the sales department and ask them if you can have two different licenses (one account number for work and one for home) that are both tied to the same MATLAB account. You probably can, but I haven't done it.
Sounds like they want a complete 100% isolation/separation of your work MATLAB and your home MATLAB. No work is to be done on your home computer.
If your work won't let you even install MATLAB on your home computer then they probably would not want you editing and running your work apps on your home computer either. And they'd probably not buy your home edition so you'd have to buy it yourself, and make sure not to edit work apps on your home installation. So your home installation would just be basically for hobbyist use (not company/organization use).

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