How can I consider the number of players, if I want to frmulate game theory in matlab ?

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If I want to formulate a game according to game theory, I deployed number of random points,
so,Should I consider NumPoints as the number of players in the game or theta1 as Num of players?
theta1 = rand(NumPoints, 1) * 2*pi; % distributed random number of Users
r1 = ro * sqrt(rand(NumPoints, 1));
PosP_x = r1 .* cos(theta1(:)) + center(:,1);
PosP_y = r1 .* sin(theta1(:)) + center(:,2);
PosP = [PosP_x,PosP_y];

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 Feb 2022
theta1 is obviously a list of random angles. An angle is not a player; an angle is something that might be chosen by a player.
Number of players is always a non-negative integer.

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