Issues installing Matlab 2017a

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James McBrearty
James McBrearty on 22 Apr 2022
Commented: James McBrearty on 25 Apr 2022
HI All,
I have an issue installing Matlab 2017a, which is needed for some code to be ran that only run in 2017a, and not in later releases.
The error that I have received is this:
Would anyone be able to help me? I have installed 2021a and 2022a without issue.
James McBrearty
James McBrearty on 25 Apr 2022
Hi @Dolon Mandal I am still getting the error:
What else should I do. I have downloaded the installer from the Mathworks website, and I am trying to run the setup.exe, and use my license, and it returns this.
Any help would be brilliant.
Thanks, James

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