How to change exponent position in an axis of a surface plot

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How do I change the position of the 10^(-3) in one of the grounded axes shown in this plot above!!

Accepted Answer

dpb on 5 May 2022
Edited: dpb on 7 May 2022
It's an undocumented property --
hAx=gca; % get axes handle
hY=hAx.YRuler; % and the subject axis ruler handle of interest
>> hY.SecondaryLabel
ans =
Text (\times10^{5}) with properties:
String: '\times10^{5}'
FontSize: 10
FontWeight: 'normal'
FontName: 'Helvetica'
Color: [0.15 0.15 0.15]
HorizontalAlignment: 'right'
Position: [-2.2905 1.342e+05 -2.0262]
Units: 'data'
Show all properties
is the text() object handle -- you can set the 'Position' as desired

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