Create a matrix for data with various iterations

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Miguel Albuquerque
Miguel Albuquerque on 17 May 2022
Edited: Miguel Albuquerque on 17 May 2022
hey to all, thanks for reading this in advance. I want to calculate Surveillance_SignalFD and Reference_SignalFD as a matrix, where each rows corresponds to a different y_transmitter. The code I have, for each y_transmitter it calculates this variables, but on the next iteration it replaces the values of the previous one. I want to save all the values of each iteration in a matrix.
Thanks guys
for i=1:numel(waypoints)
Y_transmitter = waypoints(i);
for xx=1:200
for yy=1:200
if AoI(xx,yy) ~= 0 % Target detection
X_target= xx;
Y_target= yy;
Surveillance_SignalFD=(1/(R1+R2))*X_QPSK.*exp(-1*j*k0*(R1+R2)); % Surveillance Signal frequency domain
Reference_SignalFD=(1/Rd)*X_QPSK.*exp(-1*j*k0*Rd); % Reference Signal frequency domain

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