Create a loop for matrixes

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Miguel Albuquerque
Miguel Albuquerque on 31 May 2022
Hey , thanks in advance for reading this.
I have two matrixes, with two diferent signals in frequency domain(surv_matrix and ref_matrix). Both matrixes, have the frequencies values along the columns, and the lines are positions of a radar , so its coordinates. this matrixes have 50 000 by 400 values.( 400 are the different positions of a radar and 50 000 are the frequencies values for that position of the radar).
I want to correlate both matrixes with afmag function. But this function only allows vectors, so I was thinking of producing a for loop that for each column of those matrixes, cross-correlate the two signals for the same column. I needed help on doing this.
I have to get a code that cross-correlate surveillance_signalcut( a column vector from surv_matrix) and reference_signalcut ( a column vector from ref_matrix)
The code I will do then its this:
[afmag3,delay3,doppler3] = ambgfun(Reference_SignalCut,Surveillance_SignalCut,fs,[1e6 1e6]);
afmag3 = afmag3*1; % Select plot gain *1
afmag3(afmag3>1 )= 1;
thank you
Miguel Albuquerque
Miguel Albuquerque on 6 Jun 2022
Alright, m is the number of columns of surv_matrix and m2 is the number of columns of ref_matrix, Thanks :D

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