Save variable to a matrix after a for loop

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Hey guys this is probably very easy, but Im having troubles doing it.
I have this code, that cross-correlates two signals, from 2 matrixes. I would like to save all the outputs of the function in 3 matrixes(afmag3,delay3,doppler3). Also the code, takes too long to run , I dont know if this can be better. Thank you
for i=1:m
for ii=1:m2
[afmag3,delay3,doppler3] = ambgfun(Reference_SignalCut,Surveillance_SignalCut,fs,[1e6 1e6]);
afmag3 = afmag3*1; % Select plot gain *1
afmag3(afmag3>1 )= 1;

Accepted Answer

Jan on 11 Jun 2022
Edited: Jan on 11 Jun 2022
[n, m] = size(surv_matrix);
[n2, m2] = size(ref_matrix);
afmag3 = cell(m, m2);
delay3 = cell(m, m2);
doppler3 = cell(m, m2);
for i=1:m
S = surv_matrix(:,i); % Surveillance of cut signal
for ii=1:m2
R = ref_matrix(:,ii); % Reference of cut signal
[tmp, delay3{i, ii}, doppler3{i, ii}] = ambgfun(R, S, fs, [1e6 1e6]);
afmag3{i, ii} = max(1, tmp);
Concerning the run time, use the profile 'r to finde the bottleneck. If ambgfun could be vectoprized maybe a speedup is possible.
I've moved the definition of Surveillance_SignalCut out of the inner loop. This does not save a lot of time, but it is a good programming practice not to do any work repeatedly. afmag3 = afmag3*1 was a waste of time only.
Avoid complicated names for variables, because this impedes the reading. Explain the meaning of a variable in a comment instead.

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