How to combine two one dimensional cell arrays into one two-dimensional cell array?

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Hello everyone,
I'm trying to combine two (1x20) cell arrays called semVector and onsetVectors (same dimensions), each containing n x 1 sized numerical array into one (1x20) cell array that would now include values from both cell arrays and be of size n x 2.
For example, the created variable bothVectors would be of size 1 x 20 and bothVectors{1,1} would have two columns (11308 x 2), the same as bothVectors{1,2} = (11550 x 2) etc.
Somehow everything I've done so far just concatenates them into either 2 x 1 cell or 1 x 40 cell.
Any help please?

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 18 Jul 2022
Where A and B are your cell arrays:
C = cellfun(@horzcat,A,B,'uni',0)

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