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I am trying to monitor a temperature sensor in a standalone application (using app designer and MATLAB Compiler) with the help of an Arduino. This works great if I configure the Arduino in Matlab with code:
'arduinosetup' requires MATLAB Support Package for Arduino Hardware.
However, this code does not work within the standalone application. So it is not possible to share the standalone application with someone who does not have MATLAB installed since the person cannot configure the Arduino. Is there a way to configure the Arduino without MATLAB so I can share the standalone application?
Thanks in advance!

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 23 Jul 2022
Did you follow the instructions here: Create Standalone Applications for Arduino Hardware?
Manjunatha Vankadari Gopalakrishna
The "arduinosetup" command is not expected to work with MATLAB Compiler.
If you are interested in configuring Arduino without arduinosetup (inside a standalone application) then you can consider setting "ForceBuildOn" to true with the required libraries in arduino object creation command.

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