UAV Toolbox support package for PX4: Can't connect Pixhawk 1 on simulink, problem with serial port (this board has two)

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Followed all instructions correctly. I did the setup, all ok. When trying to simulate an example there was a problem with the serial port, as the Pixhawk 1 has two serial ports, searching I found this link:
The problem remains. Apparently if the board is connected, matlab tries to access the bootloader COM port but it is not active, because it activates in the first 5 seconds, so the simulink complains that the port does not exist or that the board is not connected. Now, if I try to connect with the communications COM port, the simulink does not upload the program.

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Arun Mathamkode
Arun Mathamkode on 5 Sep 2022
Ensure that you followed the documentation to set upload and bootloader COM port step by step. If you unchecked 'Automatically determine serial port for firmware upload' and entered the bootloader COM port manually under 'build options' tab, then Simulink wont try to check whether the upload COM port is active or not. Once you reconnect the board to the PC for flashing as instructed in the Simulink popup window, then only Simulink look for the bootloader COM port for upload. Also ensure to follow the instruction mentoned in the pop-up as it is. Disconnect the hardware, then click OK and then connect the hardware back.
If the bootloader and communication COM port are correcly entered and if you still facing the issue, you can consider contacting Technical Support with the screenshot of Simulink configset (with COM port values entered) and separate screenshots of the Device manager (for bootloader and communication COM port).
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Daniel Budolak
Daniel Budolak on 20 Sep 2022
Hi Arun, this seems to not be the case, even when 'Automatically determine serial port' is Unchecked, simulink is still checking for the com port which does not exist. I have the same problem as mentioned above and can't find a solution.

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