how to calculate and plot rmse matrix

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Hi,im a beginner in matlab. I need to plot for a rmse matrix. i need to calculate the rmse and reshape it into a heatmap (a 8x5 matrix). How do I calculate the rmse of 40 models and one observation? i have listed out my models in the code, and am retrieving it from 'odat' for observation and 'gdat' for the 40 models. i've looked through all the rmse commands but i couldn't really understand, so need some help on it.
Fariz Syafiq Mohamad Ali
Fariz Syafiq Mohamad Ali on 2 Oct 2022
yes. i've tried using the E = rmse(F,A), but it only gives one value of rmse. How do i make sure i get values for all the models?

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KSSV on 2 Oct 2022
Edited: KSSV on 2 Oct 2022
Let O be your observation data array of size mX1 and M be your model data array of size mx40.
O = rand(30,1) ;
M = rand(30,40) ;
RMSE = sqrt(mean((O - M).^2));
RMSE = reshape(RMSE,8,5) ;
You arrange all your models into an array and get them to the same dimensions of Observations.
KSSV on 2 Oct 2022
Just to show an example I have taken depends on your data. Hope you problem is solved?

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