How to unpack mono12packed data images from preview

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Matt on 19 Oct 2022
Edited: Matt on 19 Oct 2022
I am using the image acquisition tool to control a camera and I would like to know how to use preview properly when the camera is streaming mono12packed data.
For exemple if I set the camera to 8 bit with the following code I get nice images as shown here :
main_cam = videoinput('gige','1','Mono8');
But if I set the camera to mono12packed I get data that seems unpacked too me :
main_cam = videoinput('gige','1','Mono12Packed');
I have the same unpacked data issue when using getdata like this :
main_cam = videoinput('gige','1','Mono12Packed');
[img,time_main] = getdata(main_cam,1,'double','cell');
Do you have ideas on how to get unpacked data from preview and getdata ?
Thank you very much !

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 Oct 2022
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Matt on 19 Oct 2022
Edited: Matt on 19 Oct 2022
The colorspace is by default set to 'grayscale' as it should.
The thing is that in mono12packed the value of 2 pixels is written on two consequtives bytes as explained in this link.
I would expect getdata to know how to deal with this but it seems that no. When asking getdata to get data in the native format I get unint16 data where the work to unpack data (ie for each pixel go get 8 bites in the Nth byte and 4 bites in the N+1th byte for exemple and store them in a uint16 where the 4 first bites are 0) has not been done.
getdata(main_cam,1,'native','cell') % get me uint16 data

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