How can I remove rows containing Nan values in table?

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Behrooz Daneshian
Behrooz Daneshian el 16 de En. de 2023
Comentada: Image Analyst el 17 de En. de 2023
Hi all,
I have attached a table I am working one. In some rows of a table, there is NaN values both for TAVG and Tfreezing. How can I remove these rows? I tried using find(table.TAVG==NaN) but I do not know why it is not working. Can anyone help me in this regard?

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dpb el 16 de En. de 2023
ixnan=(isnan(tTable.TAVG)|isnan(tTable.Tfreezing)); % logical vector either variable nan
tTable(ixnan,:)=[]; % remove those rows
alternatively, you can keep the finite rows...
tTable=tTable(~ixnan,:); % neither is nan
"I tried using find(table.TAVG==NaN)..."
Do NOT use "table" as the name of a variable -- that aliases the MATLAB table function; a very bad idea.
I'd suggest something a little more meaningful to the content of the table for your variable name, I just used tTable above as a fill-in for your table variable to avoid repeating the above aliasing.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 16 de En. de 2023
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Try this:
% Load .mat file.
s = load('behrooz Table.mat')
% Extract variable from structure into table.
t = s.stations_1__3__3__8_
% Extract columns 2 and 3 into a numerical array.
m = table2array(t(:, 2:3));
% See which rows have a nan in them.
nanRows = any(isnan(m), 2);
% Delete those rows with nans in column 2 or 3
% In other words, extract only rows that don't have a nan in them into a
% new variable. You could use the same variable as the original if you want.
tNoNans = t(~nanRows, :)
Or, assuming you already have table t in memory, and want to do it all in one line
tNoNans2 = t(~any(isnan(t{:, 2:3}), 2), :);
though it's a bit cryptic and not commented at all like the first example so it might be harder to figure out what it's doing later.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 17 de En. de 2023
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