How to inline/extract subsystem contents in Simulink programmatically

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What i would like to do is to extract the contents of a subsystem deleting the subsystem itself.
I know this can be done in system composer using inlineComponent()
but i found no way in Simulink to perform such action. I know the existence of Simulink.SubSystem.copyContentsToBlockDiagram but it only works if the target block diagram is empty, which is not the case.
For example (the simulink is a dummy model):
This is the structure, the red one is the subsystem i would like to inline
this is the content of the subsystem
this is the result of the extaction (the port connection will be performed after and i actually already implemented it)
EDIT: i would really like to avoid looping through the subsystem blocks and copy them one by one since then reconnecting in the correct order them would be a real pain.

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Luca Ferro
Luca Ferro el 2 de Mayo de 2023
Editada: Luca Ferro el 2 de Mayo de 2023
I found the solution to this, i'll keep the question just because it can be useful for someone in need of the same function since i found no other thread with a proper solution about this topic.
The function to use is quite hidden in the documentation and is:
it is incredibly good since it also manages the inport/ouport connection by itself

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