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"Caught unexpected exception of unknown type" R2023b Update 5 when putting TabGroup in GridLayout

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Steps to reproduce: Using R2023b Update 5, create a new app in the App Designer. Add a grid layout. Add a tab group into the grid layout. Save the app.
Run the app from the command line. Get "Caught unexpected exception of unknown type" error when the app starts.
Other folks at my company cannot reproduce using the same version but (presumably) slightly different environments.
Tried clearing path, and running in empty directories. This affects all App Designer apps with TabGroups in GridLayouts.
Please advise.
When tracing code through the uitabgroup.m, the error occurs in line 9 of "usev0tabgroup.m": result = builtin('hguitabgroup',varargin{:});
If I step into this line, the error message is displayed immediately after stepping out of GridLayout.handleChildAdded.
I don't notice any obvious negative impacts of the error on the UI behavior.
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Manikanta Aditya
Manikanta Aditya el 10 de En. de 2024
Hi Chris,
I feel this issue can be resolved better by the Technical Support team of MathWorks as the issue is persistent with your system so that issue can be related to your computer settings.
You can create a technical support case from the below given link.

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