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How to copy/paste or use script to modify array in Variable Editor?

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I want to modify a 12x15 array in one of the Simulink reference applications. So far, the only way I can access it seems to be through the Variable Editor. (Open Model Explorer, go to Simulink Root -> FCElectricPlant -> Model Workspace, open Mot in Variable editor, and then browse to "efficiency_table")
Is there a way to copy/paste data in this table within Variable Editor?
Or is there an alternate way to get to this data where I can make modifications?

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Harimurali el 11 de En. de 2024
Editada: Walter Roberson el 11 de En. de 2024
Hi Mark,
The variables in the model workspace can be accessed and modified using the "Simulink.ModelWorkspace" object of the model in MATLAB. Here is an example MATLAB code to do the same:
% Load the model into memory if it is not already loaded
% Get the variable from the model workspace
hws = get_param('FCElectricPlant', 'ModelWorkspace');
efficiency_table = hws.getVariable('efficiency_table');
% Now you can modify the efficiency_table as needed
% For example, to change the value at row 5, column 6:
efficiency_table(5, 6) = newValue;
% After modifying the efficiency_table, write it back to the model workspace
hws.assignin('efficiency_table', efficiency_table);
% Save changes to the model if necessary
For more information on how to interact with the model workspace using a "Simulink.ModelWorkspace" object:

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