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How to access data shown in data inspector?

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Mark el 19 de En. de 2024
Editada: Arun el 16 de Feb. de 2024
I have a plot of units per second in data inspector from a Mathworks refererence model.
Is it possible to access the data in data inspector to perform computations? For example, with the data in units per second, I'd like to evaluate total units used.
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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson el 20 de En. de 2024
Can you attach an example plot along with what output you are tring to get from the plot?

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Arun el 16 de Feb. de 2024
Editada: Arun el 16 de Feb. de 2024
Hi Mark,
I understand that you have a plot in data inspector from a Simulink reference model and want to access the data in that plot to perform computations such as with the data in units per seconds, evaluate the total units used.
Exporting the data from data inspector is one such way to access the data in data inspector. Here is a suggested flow that you can use to Export data from data inspector:
  1. Open the data inspector window.
  2. Click on the “Export icon on the left options bar.
  3. Export the data to the base workspace or a file using the “Export” window.
4. Once the data is in MATLAB workspace or a file, perform the required operations.
5. Here are snapshots that represent calculation related to sum of sin wave data, exported to MATLAB workspace as well as an Excel-file.
“export” function can also be used to export data form data inspector. For more information related to export of data from data inspector using “export” function with examples, please refer the MathWorks documentation link:
Hope this helps.


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