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Why do I receive a "Permission denied" error when trying to install with the MATLAB Package Manager?

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When trying to install MathWorks products with the MATLAB Package Manager (MPM), I encounter an error like the following:

/tmp/path/to/mpm: Permission denied
How can I resolve this error?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team el 14 de Jun. de 2024
When you run MPM, the executable writes data to the temporary directory defined by your machine's TMPDIR environment variable. If this directory is not writable, you will encounter this error. 
To avoid this error, pass a different temporary directory to mpm by setting the TMPDIR environment variable to a directory you have write access to. For example:
TMPDIR=~/mytmpdir ./mpm install ...
For more information on modifying environment variables, please see the following support article:
How do I set add or change environment variables?

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