Simulink zoom / scroll problem on MacBook Pro trackpad

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InducibleWolerines on 22 Apr 2015
Commented: William Saba on 16 Nov 2021
When I two-finger scroll on my trackpad to zoom a Simulink model, it zooms in and out rapidly and erratically. Moreoever, pinch-to-zoom produces no zooming effect.
This problem was noted here:
They advised disabling scroll-wheel zoom altogether with
File > Simulink Prefs > Editor defaults > Scroll wheel controls zooming preference.
However, the zoom feature is essential for fast model navigation.
I have tried twiddling various settings on the Mac Trackpad system preferences, no luck.
The following Mathworks doc claims that pinch-to-zoom and regular scroll-zoom should work, but it doesn't for me.
Has anyone solved this?
("Use a mouse" and "just click the zoom button" are not acceptable answers, since I don't want to lug a mouse around just for Matlab and having to click a button is a crappy UI constraint on something that should be natural.)
Thanks for your help.
William Saba
William Saba on 16 Nov 2021
Same issue here, new dell laptop has the same behavior as others observed, 2 finger scroll is zoom and pinch does nothing. Using control or shift allows panning but is incredibly less efficient than the normal method.

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Answers (6)

Oladapo Akinro
Oladapo Akinro on 17 Aug 2020
Shift + 2 fingers = horizontal scroll
Command + 2 fingers = vertical scroll

Gordon Oliver
Gordon Oliver on 10 Apr 2019
Mathworks, is a fix for this scheduled in a future relase? 2019 perhaps?

Gordon Oliver
Gordon Oliver on 10 Apr 2019
Is there a way to scroll or pan the design view using the glidepad on a mac? (this is more frustrating than the pinch to zoom issue)...

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