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Arduino Due Simulink build error

Asked by Tobias
on 13 Oct 2015
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on 3 Jan 2018
i have a problem to run a simulink model on an Arduino Due Board. As a first test, i only want a blinking led. I have installed the Arduino Hardware Support Package for Matlab and Simulink. But when i want to compile my model, i got the error message "Faild to generate all binary outputs". When i do the same for an Arduino Uno Board it runs fine. Do i have to do some special configurations für the Arduino Due? The Board Type under Tools-->RunOnTargetHardware i have changed. I'm using Matlab 2015b
kind regards Tobias


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on 14 Oct 2015
Thanks for the tip, but thats not the problem. The support package ist correct installd. I have it also tested on three different systems with every time the same error.
Have you contacted Technical Support with the MathWorks? It could be a bug and they can let you know if there are any known fixes.
Note for Due "DAC and CAN channels not currently supported." . If I recall correctly, some of the earlier releases were even more restricted for Due.

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Answer by mohammad amin rostami on 25 Dec 2017

i'v got this problem to

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on 3 Jan 2018
I had contacted the Matlab Support. It was a bug in the version of the Support-Package i used. I think in later versions the bug were fixed. Maybe an update can fix your problem.

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