How to delete a column of an array?

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lucca k
lucca k el 2 de Nov. de 2015
Comentada: lucca k el 2 de Nov. de 2015
I have a n by 3 single array. As I want to plot just the x and y data, I need to delete the z column in that array. Could you please tell me how that is done?
Thanks in advance!

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Dima Lisin
Dima Lisin el 2 de Nov. de 2015
You do not have just an array of points. You have one pointCloud object, which contains an array of x,y,z coordinates in the Location property. So you can do this:
array = ptCloud.Location(:, 1:2);
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lucca k
lucca k el 2 de Nov. de 2015
Thank you this works, but in the array there are 480 x and y values now. Before there have been 80 000. Do you know why?

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Adam el 2 de Nov. de 2015
array = array(:,1:2);
array(:,3) = [];
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lucca k
lucca k el 2 de Nov. de 2015

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