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Is the USRP1 supported in the Matlab/Simulink USRP support package?

Asked by Sivan Toledo on 4 Jan 2012
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on 15 Oct 2013
Is the USB-based USRP1 supported in the "MATLAB and Simulink Support Package for USRP® Hardware"?
I have a USRP1 with a working UHD driver (the UHD utilities work and they detect the USRP). I installed the support package into Matlab R2011a but "findsdru" can't find the USRP. The constructor seems to take an IP address as argument, so I can't seem to instantiate the USRP explicitly either.
Is there support for USRP1?
Thanks, Sivan


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1 Answer

Answer by RED STONE on 17 Feb 2012

do you use the KIT's simulink-USRP?

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I've tried, but I could not get the driver to install. I tried very hard to remove the UHD driver before installing the new driver, but I always ended up with the KIT code saying that the driver is missing.

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