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Simscope Custom component in Library

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Neeta Khare
Neeta Khare on 12 Feb 2016
Commented: Nicolas Schmit on 24 Oct 2017
I am constantly getting an error : >>ssc_build Generating Simulink library 'customblockLib_lib' in the MATLAB package parent directory '\\\kan1\MATLAB' ... Failed to generate 'customblockLib_lib'
Caused by: Undefined function 'validate' for input arguments of type 'double'.*__*** Please note I am trying to build the library component at the pakage lib with + sign in the beginning. I can not attach the file as it is with .ssc extension.
Could you please help me to understand the error here. I guess I have used pretty simple script. I appreciate your time.


Brad Carman
Brad Carman on 23 Oct 2017
This is an old question, but I got this error when I had a Simulink project *.slx file with the same name as a simscape block *.ssc that I was trying to build in the same folder.
Nicolas Schmit
Nicolas Schmit on 24 Oct 2017
You can attach the .ssc file if you put it inside a ZIP.

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