Particle motion in electromagnetic field

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I have to write a MATLAB script to simulate the motion of particle in a spectrometer using the differential equations of motion. Does exist any script that solve differential equations of charged particles motion I can use as example and guidance? It would be my first attempt to solve differential problem in MatLab and I am a newbie also, then more material I have the more happy I am.

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 25 Jan 2012
I suggest running the function
>> odeexamples
which gives several examples of solving ODEs, along with the code that was written to do it.
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Francesco on 25 Jan 2012
Thanks. If there is anyother suggestion it would be great.

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Patrick Kalita
Patrick Kalita on 25 Jan 2012
The ode family of functions are used to solve differential equations in MATLAB. I would recommend looking at the examples on that documentation page to learn how to define and solve your differential equations.

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