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How to use more than 1 powergui in the same model?

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Katy Zita
Katy Zita on 17 Mar 2016
Commented: Mikaeil Eslami on 6 Nov 2019
Hello everyone, I am building a microgrid that I will be using for testing my multiagent system, which means that I know just a little in Matlab... In this microgrid, I need to have a PV, which works in discrete mode, and a wind turbine, which works in phasors mode, and an emergency DG, which works in continuous mode. Since they work in different powerguis, I cannot have them all in the same model. I thought at first to separate the models and use model reference (model block variant) to call them, but still this solution doesn't work. I am having really a hard time and I cannot figure out how to solve this issue. I need your assistance all please with a solution easy to understand and can get me off this problem. Thanks a lot all of you

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Mikaeil Eslami
Mikaeil Eslami on 6 Nov 2019
hi , could you find a solution? i have also the same problem with the same project.

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