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How can I implement inertia in my control system?

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Igor Batoukhtine
Igor Batoukhtine on 7 Apr 2016
Edited: Igor Batoukhtine on 7 Apr 2016
I want to implement the inertia of a pump (0.102 kg/m²) into my model, but I do not know where to start with this. Could someone help me out with this? I want to use an differential equation if possible (like newton's first law).


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Zack Peters
Zack Peters on 7 Apr 2016
Hi Igor,
Your question is a bit vague on what you specifically want to model with this. Moment of Inertia follows to the simple equation of T = Ia.
Here are some Simulink examples which model something a bit more complex with Inertia. Note that a wheel or drive shaft with inertia is going behave much in the same way as the rotating pump will.
I'd also like to point out that a physical modeling suite of products (Simscape, Simscape Multibody, Simscape Fluids, etc.) Are designed for modeling physical systems in a much more intuitive way and much of the blocks have equations of motion built into them rather than developing the equations yourself.

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Igor Batoukhtine
Igor Batoukhtine on 7 Apr 2016
Hi Zack,
Thanx for your reply, I attached a picture of my system, but if you would like it I can send you the Simulink file (it will make more sense then I think).
I will look into your given examples. The reason that I don't want to use that kind of productsuites is that I need to translate the model into a PLC board (therefore it is better to derive it myself(?)). Or else I will end up doing this after a couple of weeks
If you could send me an mail to my personal mail adress I could send you my Simulink file.

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