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Where is MATLAB's function browser in the Editor?

Asked by Zoltán Csáti on 25 Apr 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Zoltán Csáti on 26 Apr 2016
In older MATLAB releases (e.g. 2011a), there was an icon in the Editor which popped up the functions seen in an m-file so that I could navigate quickly among them. I cannot find it in the newer releases (see the attached picture), so now I have to find them manually which is slow in a longer file. Was that useful feature ceased or I am just blind?
Thank you, Zoltan

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Answer by Steven Lord
on 25 Apr 2016
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See the Go To item in the Navigate section of the Editor tab in the toolstrip. This lets you jump to functions, sections, lines, or bookmarks.

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Thank you very much, I didn't notice it!

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