How to know the world coordinates of an object with known camera track points?

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I have four small dots printed at known locations on a small rigid circular disc which moves in the 3d Space, the world coordinates of camera are fixed. (Tripod camera). The disc is then rotated, translated and moved everywhere in the camera scene with the track points always visible. Using Vision toolbox, I have made trajectories of all the points in Image's coordinate system.
The captured video is transferred to HDD, for MATLAB analysis.
I know I'm way too far from the eventual results i seek. But what i need to do is to "Stitch" a planar polygon to the 4 track points which will then mimic the object in the other frames of the video. its something similar to the "#d Camera tracking" feature in Adobe After Effects which allows us to stitch an object to any detected shape in the scene. Using the scale and transform information, the software tries to visually stitch the virtual object to the real scene.
Which way should i go? what Tags should i use in the search?

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