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FIR el 17 de Feb. de 2012
I have a code below, in which in displays when the query image is from same dataset (dataset consists of 70 images, if i take query image from dataset my image is displayed), if i take other image which is not in dataset, i need to display image not found plz help,
t = {'descend','ascend'}
imageCells = arrayfun(@(i1)sort(rand(200,200,3),randi(3),t{randi(2)}),1:8,'un',0)
t = abs(A - query) < 100*eps
if any(t),figure, imshow(imageCells{t}); end

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 17 de Feb. de 2012
if any(t),figure, imshow(imageCells{t});
else disp('image not found plz help'); end

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