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When passing a signal through a wireless channel, should the sampling rate of both the signals must remain same??

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pankaj singh
pankaj singh on 29 Aug 2016
Edited: pankaj singh on 29 Aug 2016
My question is a general question related to Digital signal processing, signals and systems, and wireless communications. So please don't ask for codes. I have signal (Tx) with a given sampling rate. Also, I have a wireless channel with an given impulse response(IR). For getting the received signal (without noise), i want to convolute the Tx and the IR. Do i need to make the sampling rate of both the signals same? I mean the duration between samples of both the signals should remain same?? Or Can I directly do the convolution without worrying about the sampling rates. Do I get the same result in both the cases?? Which matlab func. can I use to get the proper received signal?


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