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how to create the table ,code and graph of the above equation ?

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mujeeb rehman
mujeeb rehman on 2 Oct 2016
Edited: dpb on 2 Oct 2016
the limit show generator limit and P is incoming power demand which will be handle with in the generator limit after the generator limit satisfy the condition it goes to the step 2 which is fuel cost function Fi(Pi)=ai..... which is shown in above image in step 2 after summing the fuel cost function it goes to the summation condition how to write these function of the incoming load and generate the graph of Fi(Pi)=.... and |summation|Pi= Pload+Ploss kindly help me out all of these are for one generator if it is ten generator i would be handle it but i need the code of these equation the following Fi(Pi)=.... give very large value and it is not correct because it give individual value Please help me in these equation i show u another image which is show the above Fi(Pi) fuel cost equation,
dpb on 2 Oct 2016
If I interpret correctly, your PsubD column heading is a load demand number that you need to satisfy by dispatching a set of (here) 10 generating units with the objective of minimum fuel cost. Is that correct?
If that's the problem, it's a minimization problem solvable with constraints--the constraints would be
  1. Total generation equals dispatch demand
  2. Output of n th unit can't exceed its capacity
Is this correct? If so, fmincon in the Optimization Toolbox should be able to handle it.
Was called in years ago to help a to-be-unamed-here utility located in a major metro area. Object was similar as the above excepting the cost variable was to blend high-S coal to the maximum point but not exceed daily emission limit totals. Inputs included one of the first "elemental analyzers" as a research project measuring S content of the coal stream. It was moderately successful project albeit the objective function being used wasn't bandied about publicly as to its target! :)

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