Verify the presence second harmonic component on the boost input side of a DC-DC boost converter connected to a DC-AC single phase inverter in simulink

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Please refer to the image above. I want to see the second harmonic component that is generated due to inverter switching, both on the inverter input side and boost input side. I am using the FFT tool in PowerGui for the same. However, my frequency spectrum on the boost input side has a 60 Hz component, in addition to a 120 Hz component, which is not correct. I am unable to understand how and why that component is appearing on my Boost input. Please let me know if there is some step that I am missing and if there is a way to eliminate the 60Hz component. Also please tell me if there is another way of finding harmonic components. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel el 2 de Mayo de 2023
This is an answer in an attempt to clean up Matlab answers. I apologize that this answer is likely too late to be of use to the asker.
In regards to your question, if you are generating a line signal at 60 hz, it would make sense to see that on the boost side, as the whole system is coupled. Why do you say that there should be no 60 hz component? You can always do the FFT manually using scripting in Matlab.
this will give you complete control over what you are showing.

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