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Deactivate "To Workspace"-block in m-file

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Frank Schmidt43
Frank Schmidt43 on 29 Jan 2017
Answered: ROHIT UPADHYAY on 1 Feb 2017
I have a complex Simulink model with many signals, that I want to save. But I don't need every signal for every simulation. I want to choose which signals/results would be saved in the workspace. I want to deactivate/activate unnecessary signals to speed-up the simulation time. I save all my data with "To Workspace"-blocks, but if there is a better option to choose and save single signals without the unnecessary signals I can change that. It isn't an option to delete and create the "To Workspace"-blocks every time. Thanks for your help.
Regards Frank

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ROHIT UPADHYAY on 1 Feb 2017
Hey frank,
What you can do is instead of using "To Workplace" block you can log the signals using the signal logging option in Simulink. That would save the signal values in a structured way with time stamp.
Then using simple m.script you can further process the data per your needs.

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