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Ananthu S
Ananthu S el 1 de Feb. de 2017
Respondida: Lucas Lebert el 2 de Feb. de 2017
I have a MATLAB program (.m file) which is used to encrypt a file read from the computer and decrypt it when required. Since MATLAB imports any file as a matrix with numerical values , the encryption-decryption is easily performed using simple matrix manipulation operations. I want to implement this in hardware. I have heard that MATLAB has support for Raspberry-Pi and Arduino and simulink models can be run on both. But I have no idea of how to use it. Please help me in regard to the above stated requirement.

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Lucas Lebert
Lucas Lebert el 2 de Feb. de 2017
MATLAB is indeed capable of generating code and cross compiling it in order for the code to run on a Raspberry Pi or Arduino hardware. Please download the specific Support Packages. They include a detailed documentation and additional examples. Here the links to the support packages:


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