Plot titles in for loop with string and variable names

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I have a for loop that gives me several plots from sec. How can i make the several plots titles display both the value of sec and a string?
if true
leg=legend('Stock price','Location','Best');set(leg,'FontSize',8);legend('boxoff');
datetick;title(sec{1});ylabel('USD'); % code

Answers (1)

Guillaume on 24 Feb 2017
title(sprintf('Plot of stock %s', sec{1}));
The format specifier (%s in this case) depends on the type of variable (string, integer, real number) that you want to add to the string. Read the documentation of sprintf.
Guillaume on 24 Feb 2017
As I said, look at the documentation which includes all sort of examples.
sprintf('The return for security %s is %2.4g and the standard deviation is %2.4g', sec{1}, secmean, secstd)
Coming up with a format string that does what you want is not hard.

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