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How To Use IP Camera Function in Simulink?

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saiful anuar
saiful anuar on 28 Feb 2017
I am currently working on an image processing project using Simulink Computer Vision System Toolbox and i am wondering if i could use the IP camera function in developed Simulink model?How to do it?
Currently i am using a USB webcam and found out it would be great if i could integrate an IP camera, so that i could do the image processing on a studied subject a little bit farther, without being constrained by the length of the USB webcam cable.
Many Thanks anuar


Omkar Bhanap
Omkar Bhanap on 8 Aug 2018
I am also facing the same problem, Sir. Have you got any solution for that?
Chris Foit
Chris Foit on 11 Sep 2019
Hola, encontraron una solucion

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