How to change the color of the markers when plot features over an image?

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as in the subject, is it possible to change the color of the markers when you plot features over an image?
Example: if I plot the Harris corners over the image, they will be green. I would like to change their color, but it doesn't seem to be possible using the usual syntax of the plot command (argument MarkerFaceColor).
Is there a way? Any suggestions?
Thank you very much, kind regards.

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Sonam Gupta
Sonam Gupta on 7 Mar 2017
As per my knowledge, you cannot change the color of markers because that is how plotting of corners is implemented in the code underneath. For instance, if you use the function 'detectHarrisFeatures' for detecting the Harris Corners, the implementation uses green color and + marker for plotting the Harris Corner. It is not modifiable.
Hope this helps.

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