How can i solve this equation with for loop?

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y=[1 4 5 6 8]
for g=1:1:numel(y)
W2(g)=@(x) x.^2+y(g)
f(g) = @(x) W1(g)+W2(x)+y(g);
ar = [-100 100];
for k1 = 1:length(ar);
rts(k1) = fzero(f(g), ar(k1))
Error: FUN must be a function, a valid string expression, or an inline function object.
To calculate the roots of this equation, for loop must be used, but i made a mistake when writing the code. How can i achieve this problem?
To find 5 roots of x, how kind of a change must be done for this operation?

Accepted Answer

Torsten on 9 Mar 2017
y = [1 4 5 6 8];
for g=1:1:numel(y)
W1 = 15*y(g);
W2 = @(x)x.^2+y(g);
f = @(x) W1+W2(x)+y(g);
ar=[-100 100];
for k1 = 1:length(ar)
But to tell you in advance: Your equations have no real roots.
Best wishes
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Volkan Yangin
Volkan Yangin on 9 Mar 2017
Thank you Torsten. This is a random equation. I am checking the code.

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