How create grid name in axes???

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Dominika on 19 Apr 2017
Commented: Dominika on 19 Apr 2017
Hello, I have a problem with Xgrid and Ygrid in my GUI - Matlab 2013a. My code is:
set(handles.axes4, 'XGrid', 'on');
set(handles.axes4, 'YGrid', 'on');
handles.axes4.XLabel.String = 't[s]';
handles.axes4.YLabel.String = ['input ' inputName];
in Matlab 2016 I can to see X and Y axis but in Matlab 2013a this axis is not there. Do you know where is a problem please??

Accepted Answer

Jan on 19 Apr 2017
Matlab R2013a did not use the modern GUI handles ("HG2") and you cannot access the properties using the dot syntax:
set(handles.axes4, 'XGrid', 'on');
set(handles.axes4, 'YGrid', 'on');
xlabel(handles.axes4, 't[s]');
ylabel(handles.axes4, ['input ' inputName]);
Note that "input" and "inputname" are builtin Matlab functions. Creating variables with the same name lead to confusions frequently.
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Dominika on 19 Apr 2017
Works. :) Thank you :)

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