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Getting error while loading .mat file from many directory

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sam moor
sam moor on 24 Apr 2017
Edited: sam moor on 24 Apr 2017
I have main directory named'data' and sub directories (r1,r2,r3...). In each sub directory, I have several folders(r1_0.05,r1_0.10,...) and .mat file as shown in figure below. I am using below code to load .mat file from each sub-directory and do some operation.
close all; clear all; clc;
project_dir = pwd(); %or give a particular directory name
mainDirContents = dir(project_dir);
mainDirContents(~[mainDirContents.isdir]) = []; %remove non-folders
mask = ismember( {}, {'.', '..'} );
mainDirContents(mask) = []; %remove . and .. folders
num_subfolder = length(mainDirContents);
for subfold_idx = 1 : num_subfolder
subfolder_name = mainDirContents(subfold_idx).name;
this_folder = fullfile( project_dir, subfolder_name );
matContents = dir( fullfile(this_folder, '*.mat') );
this_mat = fullfile( this_folder, matContents(subfold_idx).name );
% do operation for each .mat file of the current folder
But I am getting error as Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
Error in Untitled5 (line 14) this_mat = fullfile( this_folder, matContents(subfold_idx).name );
Any idea to solve this is highly appreciated. Thank you.

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Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick on 24 Apr 2017
Edited: Stephen Cobeldick on 24 Apr 2017
Your indexing is incorrect, and you need another loop.
Basically you are looping over the directories, but then you try to use the directory iteration variable to indexing into the file structure. Here is the relevant part of your code:
for subfold_idx = 1 : num_subfolder
matContents = dir( fullfile(this_folder, '*.mat') );
... matContents(subfold_idx).name
For example, imagine if there are two directories, then subfold_idx will have values 1 and 2. But if there is only one .mat file in the second directory, then it will be an error to try to use subfold_idx with value 2 ! (because there is no second file).
You need to add another loop of for the files.

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