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How to load RTLSDR from local directory with 2016b

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Greg Toth
Greg Toth on 9 May 2017
Answered: Harsh on 11 May 2017
I have been attempting to load the RTLSDR hardware support package but it has been hanging up during the 3rd party packages install. I did this install a year ago on a different machine by downloading the packages to a local directory and installing from there. I still have that download so I figured I could use that, but the 2016b version of MATLAB does not seem to have that option. With the older version, you select Add-Ons, then Hardware Support Packages and at that point you get a dialog box with install from internet, install from local directory or download only. The current 2016b version just jumps to a web page with all the packages. When I select the RTL package the only choices are install or download only. Neither of these choices work since they always hang up during the 3rd party download process.
How do I get to the "install from local directory" option?


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Answers (1)

Harsh on 11 May 2017
This should largely proceed without issue. It is likely that there are some network issues in the download process via Add-Ons. Have you tried to download it directly from the link above or from within the Add-On explorer and proceed with the installation? Also, during the setup, there is a step that requires the user to accept an installation request. Do you see that and accept it?
If the issue still persists, please contact MathWorks installation support with a detailed description of the issue and an installation log.
You can contact Installation support here:


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