How to extract the values from a matrix 282x1 if I know the rows number?

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Dear all, I have the following problem: starting from a matrix A (282x1) I extract, with the command 'find', all the rows included in a given rage of values. So I got a second matrix B with all the rows numbers. Now my question is, how I can get a third matrix C with the Values of A corresponding to the rows in B?

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KSSV on 28 May 2017
Find gives you indices of the range of values you sought in A. B is your result from A. To get C, use

Guillaume on 28 May 2017
Edited: Guillaume on 28 May 2017
If you have the rows indices, then it's just a matter of simple indexing. To extract the row numbers contained in the variable B, then for any arbitrary matrix it's simply:
C = A(B, :);
If your A has only one column, as in your case, then you don't even need the colon, so:
C = A(B);
However, if your B is the result of find, then you don't even need to use find nor generate B. You can use logical indexing instead. e.g.:
%you had for example:
%B = find(A == 5)
%C = A(B, :)
C = A(A == 5, :) %no need for find
Using logical indexing will be (negligibly for arrays of your size) faster than using find + normal indexing.


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