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Connecting to Matlab Mobile, multiple IP addresses

Asked by Nate_52
on 1 Jun 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Veagau Gendhi on 27 Dec 2017
I'm running matlab 2014a and trying to connect to matlab mobile on my IOS device. I have a virtual machine set up on my computer, and the IP address that matlab suggests after running
connector on password;
is the IP address that I think belongs to one of my virtual machines.
In the command line I have run "ipconfig -all", and have tried putting the correct IP address into the matlab mobile app, but I get an error on my iphone that says "Lost communication with MATLAB. To fix, repeat last action of reconnect to MATLAB"
I can navigate in my browers to "localhost:port#", and I see a message "Welcome to the connector service." However, this message appears whether connector is on or off.
Both phone and computer are on the same wifi network.
What am I doing wrong? Do I need to change the IP address used by the computer on the matlab side, instead of just on the phone side?


Are you using Parellels,, or a different virtual machine (Parallels is the one I have)
I'm using VMware for the virtual machine.
You can have a try to restart the network service for both VMware virtual Machines, and then run
connector on
You'll see the ip given to you is the ip of virtual machines, so you can turn to run
on you cmd,and get the ip for your local PC. Input the local ip on your Matlab mobile and it makes out!
Here are the details.(I'm a student from China,so the language of interface…you know.Have a try!If you have problem with it, you can mail
Wish you can solve your problem.

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