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queries regarding modelling a train in matlab

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Avinash Tallapaneni
Avinash Tallapaneni on 4 Aug 2017
Reopened: Avinash Tallapaneni on 7 Aug 2017
hey guys
i am new to matlab, i have few queries in it . is it possible to model and perform speed test on entire train (loco/maglev) which is on tracks in simulink ?.
And also we have to model individual components(engine/brake.etc) and assemble them together or there already exists file where it is sufficient to change values for components???
edit: read the question properly before answering. im not asking do this to me.


John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 4 Aug 2017
Is it possible? Of course. Start writing. Do you have an actual question about MATLAB, instead of just a doit4me? This is YOUR student project of course, not that of someone else. So it should be your effort made.
Avinash Tallapaneni
Avinash Tallapaneni on 5 Aug 2017
read the text properly before u answer, i havent mentioned anywhere saying " do it for me". all i asked is is there any inbuild file (like engine,transmission) in matlab so i can incorporate it and change values instead of building new one

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