Boundary function (Shrink Factor)

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Hi, I worked on a project that required using the function [k,v]=boundary (x,y,z,s); where is s is the shrink factor that determines the tightness of the boundary enclosing the (x,y,z) data poits. I know what s does. But what's not mentioned in the MATLAB help to the best of my knowledge is , how does s work? I need to know the answer to that for two reasons. 1- it may help me choose the best s for my application. 2- I need to know if there is an explanation to how it works so I can put it in my project report!!!
If you have an idea about this, please do share! it's really important and kind of urgent too :)
Thanks, Amin

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Aug 2017
You can read the code for boundary(). It creates an alpha shape object with the vertices and infinite alpha. It then uses the alphaSpectrum() method on the alpha shape object:
"a = alphaSpectrum(shp) returns the values of the alpha radius that produce distinct alpha shapes. a is in descending sorted order. Each element in a represents a value of the alpha radius that results in a distinct shape."
It then goes 1-S of the way through the list and uses that alpha.
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Amin Kassab-Bachi
Amin Kassab-Bachi on 4 Aug 2017
Thanks a lot! that's really helpful.

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