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Why can't I change the number of search iterations using the Pattern search method and then generate MATLAB Code?

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Fabian Gock
Fabian Gock on 9 Aug 2017
I am trying to generate code for a parameter estimation. This worked fine for a several times. My approach is to set up the experiment and choose the parameters using the Parameter Estimation GUI in Simulink Design Optimization. Under "More Options" and then "Optimization Options" I choose the wanted optimization method and make other relevant settings. The code generation works fine for the nonlin squares method. Even if i choose the Pattern Search method and only change the tolelrances and maximum iteration number, the code is generated. But as soon as the iteration limit for the search method "latin hypercube" is changed from the default value (3), the code generation throws an "unexpected error occured" -message.
Is it possible to leave the value at 3, generate the code and then change the value in the code, afterwards? If yes, how can this be done?
Thanks in advance. Regards -Fabian


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